We are excited to announce an improved pricing and enrollment process for commercial customers.

With this new process, Energy Advisors can submit leads through a “Commercial Customers” form available on the homepage in the web office and our internal commercial sales team will contact the potential customer to provide them with custom electricity supply plans only available for commercial customers.

Expanding our available offers to include commercial customers will play a pivotal role in fulfilling the Think Energy mission to make clean energy simple, easy and affordable for everyone. 

Available Commercial Markets

Think Energy’s commercial offers are now available in all of our current electricity markets (excluding Texas). This new commercial enrollment process will be expanded to include Texas commercial customers in Q1 2024.

The available markets include:

  • Connecticut
  • District of Columbia
  • Delaware
  • Illinois
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island

Lead Generation Process

Your role as an Energy Advisor will focus on generating high-quality leads and submitting them to our internal commercial sales team through a simple Commercial Customers Form available on the homepage of your Web Office.

Commercial Customers Web Office Homepage Widget

To submit a commercial lead and generate a custom quote, the account must be a commercial account (commercial rate-class).   

The submission form includes the following information:

  • Customer Information

    • Customer Name *
    • Company Name * 

    • Customer Email * 

    • Customer Phone * 

  • Energy Advisor Information

    • Your Name
    • Advisor ID #
    • Username
    • Your Advisor Email

  • File Upload – To upload a photo or copy of the customer’s electricity bill

For customers that have multiple commercial accounts, only one lead form submission is necessary. When the commercial sales team reaches out to the customer they will gather the necessary information for all of the customer’s accounts.  

Custom Pricing Process

Once a lead is submitted through the Commercial Customers Form on your Web Office homepage, the following process will be initiated:

  1. The potential customer will receive an email requesting their permission to contact them by phone.
  2. Once the email is confirmed, a sales specialist will follow up with a call to the customer preferably within the same business day provided the form is submitted before 3pm EST.
  3. A custom quote (usually including multiple terms & product offers) will be provided to the customer during the call. The sales specialist will answer any question they may have and the customer can then select the product they prefer.
  4. The product details and terms of service will be provided by email and the customer can then accept and acknowledge the agreement directly from the email.
  5. Their Think Energy service will begin once the utility completes the switch typically within 1-2 monthly billing cycles.
  6. Think Energy commercial contracts contain automatic renewal provisions and may not renew at the rate the customer enrolled.  Think Energy is required to notify the customer 30-60 days prior to a contract expiration to explain renewal terms.  If the customer does not wish to renew on those terms, they must contact Think Energy to cancel or negotiate a new rate, enroll with a new supplier, or contact the utility to return to standard service when their current contract expires.
  7. Upon the completion of the customer’s enrollment, you will receive an email confirming their successful enrollment with Think Energy.

Commercial Process Support

As we launch this exciting new enhancement to Think Energy’s offerings, we are here to support your success.  Should you need any assistance contact Energy Advisor Support at EASupport@thinkenergy.plus.

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