Maine’s decision to reduce a customer’s metered consumption when they participate in Community Solar results in an inability for us to viably serve them on Retail Electricity. This means that customers who enroll in Community Solar will be defaulted back to the utility for their electricity service. This is negatively affecting EA and FEC compensation -- we’re not happy about it, either.  

Shouldn’t EAs be able to keep these lost points related to Retail Electricity customers when their Retail Electricity service is defaulted back to the utility when they start participating in Community Solar in Maine? As well, if a customer is referred through the FEC by a Community Solar customer and dropped back to the utility, it seems like a CAB should be paid.  

Simply? Yes. We’re working on a solution and will add lost  Retail Electricity Points to your compensation and identify lost CABs for Community Solar customers that were stranded because a customer was returned to default service. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement.  

Were customers made aware of the decision and policy change that allows Think to drop their Retail Electricity when their Community Solar participation commenced? What is happening to the FEC rebates for customers who have already been allocated to Community Solar farms?  

These are completely valid concerns. We’ve pinpointed the exact number of affected customers and are reviewing how we can best serve them. We are going to reach out to them individually, while adjusting how we will accommodate future customers who fit these criteria.   

We’re in the process of overhauling all of our customer emails, taking new ownership for how we communicate with all levels of Think customers, so they’re better educated on their choices. This shouldn’t fall on you.  

Is there any accountability for the FEC?  

We manage the FEC continually. There are instances where referred customers become unqualified (i.e., referred customers who are not paying their bills), we’ll do all we can to communicate the status of these customers without violating any of their rights to privacy. If/when a customer is negatively impacting another customer’s FEC standing, we’ll be sure that they are aware of it.  

What’s the bottom line?  

Each market presents its own unique challenges – we get that. But we’re committed to working with you to identify challenges when they arise and work to solve them. In the case of Community Solar and Free Energy Club customers in Maine, change is coming. We’ll make an announcement as soon as we’re able.  

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