Less than two months into the live enrollment period in New Jersey, Think Community Solar is primed to deliver shared savings in the Garden State.  

 The confirmation of three projects, including two on rooftops in Beachwood, NJ, signal open opportunities for customers and EAs under Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L), with more on the horizon.  

 Here are the details:  

  • Discount: 20% for all customers  
  • Availability: About 600 residential and 1,000 LMI customers  
  • Timing: Expected to go live as soon as April or May  

 Community solar remains the most efficient way to deliver the benefits of renewable energy to customers. There is an immediate need for enrollments in these projects, but with limited space – so move quickly!  

 Note: Please remember that community solar programs differ across states. Review the summary of New Jersey Think Community Solar benefits here. 


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