The headline sums it up nicely, really: We saw great enrollment numbers during December and aren’t going to mess with what works. New electricity customers will continue to be eligible for $100 cash gift cards for the foreseeable future.  

 What does that mean for you and your customers?  

  • Effective January 1, 2024, all new electricity customers can qualify for a $100 cash gift card.  
  • Customers qualify the same way they did during December’s promotion.

Here’s how:  

  • Enroll with Think Energy as a new customer. 
  • Stick around for six consecutive months.  
  • Use at least 1,800 kWh over those six months 
  • Pay their bills on time and in full.  
  • Claim their gift here and receive $100 in their email within the next 60 days.  
  • This will be replacing the $25 Cash-Back Rebate but will have no effect on previously enrolled customers. 
  • Anyone who enrolled before the promotion period will be eligible for the previous Cash-Back Rebate as defined in their specific Terms & Conditions.  

 Let’s make the most of this offer. It’s a great way to connect with new customers, keep building, and introduce more people to sustainable energy. 

*Not available to New York customers.


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