UPDATE:  We're going even lower.

For the entire month of February, we’re welcoming new Energy Advisors to Think+ for just 49.00.  


It’s been exactly a year since the first Energy Advisors joined Think+. We’ve had a year’s worth of victories and lessons learned for the opportunities ahead. We couldn’t be more proud of the accomplishments you’ve made and want you to invite even more people to the party.  

 That’s why, in honor of Think+’s first trip around the sun, we’re offering a limited-time discount on EA enrollment fees of 50%! Here are the details:  

  • Discount: All new EAs will be subject to a $65.00 enrollment fee, half of the standard $129.00 fee.  
  • Promotion Period: From now (January 24) through January 31, 2024  

As we enter Year 2 of Think+, we hope this gives you and your teams the springboard you need to keep building.  

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