It has been an incredible few weeks since we officially launched Think+.

In celebration of our launch and as a show of our appreciation for all Energy Advisors who have joined the community, we are extending the period of time that you have to earn the Accelerated Leadership Promotion Bonuses!  

The Think+ Compensation Plan provides Leadership Promotion Bonuses each time you earn a new promotion. For the first three leadership positions of Regional Energy Advisor, Senior Energy Advisor, and Director, the bonuses are doubled if earned within the first 30, 60, or 90 days (respectively) from the date of joining Think+.  

To give you extra time to earn these double bonuses we will now consider March 1st as the start date for everyone in terms of calculating the bonuses. This means that everyone has until March 31st to qualify for the accelerated Regional Energy Advisor bonus of $200, April 30th for the Senior Energy Advisor bonus of $500, and May 30th for the Director bonus of $1,000.  

We’re excited to offer more time to achieve and earn all of the Accelerated Leadership Promotion Bonuses so you can best kick off your earning potential with Think+.  

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