Customer cancellations can happen for a variety of reasons and must be honored by Think Energy when requested.   There are times when commissions paid on those customers must be recuperated by Think Energy.  The reason for recuperating commissions is to protect the company and to prevent opportunities to game the compensation plan.

This policy is defined in the Think+ Terms & Policies, section 41:

Customer Cancellations: If a customer cancels their Think services within 90 days of achieving active status as a customer, all commissions paid to the Energy Advisor who enrolled/referred the customer and any upline Energy Advisors will be withheld from future commission payments to the Energy Advisor and any upline Energy Advisors until the full amount of the commission is recaptured.

While this has always been the policy, it was not being enforced as a courtesy to Energy Advisors during our launch phase. Therefore, we have limited the recuperation of any commissions paid to date, for customers who have cancelled their Think Energy service.

As Think+ expands and grows, it’s becoming more important to activate this policy to protect the company and the opportunity available to Energy Advisors. As of September 1, 2023, the customer cancellation policy defined above will go into effect.  

Starting September 1st any customer who cancels, after Customer Acquisition Bonuses have been paid, will trigger a commission recuperation . In these instances, you will notice on your Pay History for any given pay cycle, within the ”Adjustments” section, that the recuperated commissions have been included with the Customer Name, Commission Amount and the Date it had previously been paid. If the amount of the recuperation is greater than the commission owed to you, then you will receive commissions again once the commissions owed to you exceed the recuperation amount.

As always, please contact Energy Advisor Support at if you have any questions on this policy. 

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