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Community Solar Training Replay

We recently hosted a Think Community Solar event with our Vice President of Community Solar, Stephen Condon.

This provides a comprehensive overview of the benefits as well as details of how you can benefit from sharing this amazing opportunity with your communities. View the recording by following the video link above.  

Plus, as extra motivation to take advantage of this new offering, we have the Think Community Solar Launch Promotion! 

Think Community Solar Launch Promotion Details 

From March 3 – May 18, 2023, community solar customer sign ups will count as double in terms of determining the achievement of Leadership Promotions and bonuses as well as Leadership Trip Qualification. 

  • Promotion Period: March 3rd – May 18th, 2023 
  • These customers will count as double Personal Customers(PC) /Team Customers (TC) for as long as they remain a customer.  
  • These customers will not result in double payment of CABs or residual compensation.   

Energy Advisors will see in their Personal Customer Report: 

  • When your sign up a community solar customer, the customer will be in “Pre-Verify” status and count as a single customer. 
  • As the community solar customers update to “Pending” status, they will count as two customers for calculation of Rank.    
  • The report will include a new field called “Qualification Value” to reflect the higher value from community solar Customers signed up in the Promotion Period. 
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