Compensation Upgrade: Rank Advancement Now Easier & More Rewarding

Following on the recently announced 2-Level Mentor CAB and the 2x & 3x Increase of Community Solar CABs, we have another compensation upgrade to share that will make advancing in rank even easier and more rewarding.

How much easier? Well, with this update over 230 Energy Advisors will be promoted to the rank of Regional Energy Advisor or Senior Energy Advisor! And more than $20,000 in Rank Advancement Bonuses will be paid!

Read on below or view the replay of the unveiling event to learn more about this exciting compensation upgrade and a new building block for achieving success. 

Easier Rank Advancement

Effective immediately, we’ve made it easier to qualify to earn promotions to the rank of Regional Energy Advisor (REA) and Senior Energy Advisor (SEA) . 

Regional Energy Advisor (REA)

Team Customer requirement lowered from 50 customers to 20 customers.

Senior Energy Advisor (SEA)

Team Customer Requirement lowered from 250 customers to 200 customers.

Since these ranks are now easier to qualify for, you can unlock the benefits they provide like increased compensation much more quickly than previously possible. 

Extended Time for Accelerated Rank Advancement Bonus

Additionally, we have also extended the time available to earn Accelerated Rank Advancement Bonuses for the ranks of Senior Energy Advisor and Director. 

Senior Energy Advisor (SEA)

Accelerated Rank Advancement Bonus window increased from 60 days to 90 days

Director (DIR)

Accelerated Rank Advancement Bonus window increased from 90 days to 120 days

You can view these adjustments reflected in the Promotion Requirements chart below and the updated Think+ Compensation Plan.

Updated Ranks &  Promotion Bonuses 

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