CT Certification Trainings Now Available Every Week

The recent expansion into the Connecticut electricity market has been a tremendous success.  Due to the training and certification requirements specific to Connecticut, Independent Energy Advisors must complete a live CT Certification Training in order to enroll or earn commissions on CT customers. 

If you are interested in becoming certified in Connecticut, join us for one of the upcoming CT training events. See below for the CT training events schedule for the coming months.

Keep in mind, when you attend a training it’s important that you arrive on time, complete a sign-out form registering your attendance, and that you are also able to fully focus your attention on the training without distractions.  If you show up 10 minutes or more late to the meeting, you will have to attend one of the next training sessions, as you will not be admitted to the session. Also note, you should not attempt to drive a vehicle while attending a training. 

Here is the schedule of live, virtual training sessions:

Wednesday, December 6, 7PM ET

Wednesday, December 13, 7PM ET

Wednesday, December 20, 7PM ET

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