How do customers know when it’s time to renew? 
We proactively alert customers when their term is about to end and it’s time to select a new plan. The exact timing can differ from market to market, but customers will be notified when they’re able to renew into one of our then-current offers.   

In most markets, customers will also be emailed a link directing them to their renewal options. All customers are also able to review their options any time at 

What happens to a customer's electricity rate if they don't renew their plan with Think Energy? 
Non-Texas customers who take no action will be placed on a 12-month, fixed-rate plan, this varies per state in some cases they are only able to renew at the term of the current product. The $29.95 product change fee will be waived for this term, allowing customers to switch to a different plan at any time without any additional cost to them.

This gives customers the benefit of a fixed rate, while also giving them the flexibility to switch plans without penalty.   

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