Now Easier Than Ever to Share Think Community Solar!

We are thrilled to unveil a new Think Community Solar Video Sharing Tool!

This powerful new video is great new way to introduce your friends and contacts to the benefits of Think Community Solar. This video will soon be available on your websites on the Community Solar page so it’s easy for people to view and then sign up. 

When we set out to create this sharing tool, we had several key goals in mind:

  1. Amplify Our Message: The video overview succinctly communicates the benefits of Think Community Solar, making it easy for anyone to understand our value proposition. By sharing this tool with your contacts, you can simply and easily communicate all of the primary benefits provided. 
  2. Engage and Inspire: Visual storytelling is a powerful way to engage and inspire others. The visual style of the video was designed to captivate viewers, creating an emotional connection with our message and motivating them to explore the benefits of Think Community Solar further.
  3. Empowerment in Your Hands: By equipping you with this new video sharing tool, we encourage you to share it with your network so you can  empower them to make better energy choices that can benefit them, you and the world we share!

We hope you enjoy utilizing this new video to share the benefits of Think Community Solar with your network. Together, we can extend our impact and help more customers experience the advantages Think Community Solar offers.

Let’s make a difference together!

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