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Leadership Q&A with Kirk Horan

Leadership Q&As are a series in which selected members of the Think+ community take a few moments to reflect on their experiences, offer advice to their fellow Energy Advisors, and look toward the future of Think+.

These insights from Senior Director Kirk Horan were provided during a conversation in May 2024.

What initially drew you to Think+?
KH: I first of heard of Think Energy from Big John (Pyonteck). We had become friends while we were in competing companies -- I have tremendous respect for him and was intrigued by the chance to work with him. I was without purpose in life when I first heard of the opportunity, but after hearing Michael’s vision and Big John’s belief in Michael and the Kenny's, I felt I had found a home to plant my flag. 

How has your definition of success evolved since you started with Think+?
KH: The evolution of success to me in Think + has been my team believing in me & my leadership to help guide them towards their goals. Success for me is truly seeing how many people on my team I can help achieve their goals.  

What are some of the biggest motivators that keep you pushing forward?
KH: The biggest motivator for me is my family. The reason I will  always keep charging is to give my wife and sons a life they deserve, rather than settling for what is the norm -- a life where we don’t have to punch a clock and we can comfortably live life on our terms. Time freedom.   

What are some non-monetary rewards that drive you?
KH: Seeing people in my organization hit their goals. I strive to have the most people on my team making the incentive trips, and I love seeing someone with no experience achieve their first promotion and changing their financial future. I’m like a proud parent.   

What personal goals do you set for yourself, and how do they contribute to your overall sense of achievement?
KH: Personal goals for me are pretty simple -- I love to win and love seeing my team win. I take great pride in seeing the people I am working with on the leaderboards and achieving real results. There is nothing better than helping a single mom trying to give her family a better life. Seeing her send her son to prom  or buying clothes or providing in ways that weren’t possible only having a job. I think about the sacrifices my mom made for me and my brothers -- if she could see me now... 

What's one piece of advice you'd give to someone considering becoming an Energy Advisor?
KH: I would say, “Follow the leaders who are where you want to be.” Don’t be afraid to reach out to them. Ask lots of questions and be coachable. 

How do you empower and support your downline to succeed as Energy Advisors?
KH: I feel the best way to empower my team is by leading by example, letting them know that I’m here to support them in every way I can. I would never tell them to do something I’m not doing.  

What kind of community do you foster within your downline?
KH: The community we strive to foster in our organization is “We all rise together." We support each other downline, cross-line -- it does not matter. If you are winning, we all win! Most importantly, do the right thing even when no one is looking and always protect the “Golden Egg” -- Think Energy.  

Share a fun fact or a unique story about your experience as an Energy Advisor.
I was just 30 days post surgery after a major operation when Big John said, “We are hitting the road in my SUV to hit the roadshow for the launch tour!” We left Florida in February 2023 and traveled to every Launch Meeting: North Carolina, Maine, Massachusetts, multiple locations in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, plus meetings in between. We stayed in people's homes, in hotels, and with family. We had mechanical issues. Drove through a tornado, snow, rain -- you name it. It was an experience of a lifetime. My only regret is not keeping a journal. We traveled over 7,600 miles and I would do it again in a heartbeat. We are truly a dynamic duo!   

What excites you most about the future of sustainable energy?
KH: For total transparency, I was not excited about community solar when I committed to Think +. It was only after hearing Michael’s vision for this company and actually seeing the expansion and excitement around community solar that I truly bought in to the idea of being a company of significance -- impacting our world as we spearhead the expansion of this incredible opportunity! 

What are your biggest goals for your business moving forward? 
KH: My goal is to achieve the top position in this company, Senior Partner, while continuing to be a top performer in the company. As a company, I would love to see us shatter every record in this industry on our path to being a multi-billion dollar company.  

What is the thing that surprised you the most about Think+ now after one year? 
What surprises me the most about the Think+ opportunity is the caliber of people we are attracting and how open the corporate team is to hearing ideas from the field. It is a breath of fresh air knowing our input on the future of the company is taken into consideration. Our corporate team is the best of the best!

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