We’ve received a handful of questions from Energy Advisors who have seen direct mail pieces distributed directly to customers by Think Energy. So, let’s talk about them. This is, in no way, an attempt to circumvent Energy Advisors or cut you out of our business. Think+ sets us apart from so many other companies, and everything we do as an organization is in lockstep with you. Direct mail pieces help us accomplish two things, which we consider a benefit to your individual businesses and Think Energy as a whole: Increase brand awareness: Even if someone doesn’t make a purchase right away, mailers can help them build familiarity with Think Energy. That way, when you approach them, they’ll already have an understanding of the value that our offers bring to the table.  Targeted marketing: Direct mail allows us to target ideal customers very precisely. As is the case with any promotion, our team goes to great lengths to ensure that we’re dialed in to areas that will help us grow.  And, remember… The advertised offers are available to you, too: Whatever product we offer on the mailers will always be available in your WebOffice for you to promote. In fact, if a customer does enroll via rate board or a mailer, you can work with the customer and get them allocated to your business. 
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