We recently became aware of some billing irregularities in the PPL service area in Pennsylvania. 

If you are a PPL customer or have PPL customers in your team, some of them may have been affected by the issue. The irregularities are due to recent issues with PPL’s billing process that have affected some of Think Energy’s customers in the area.

Here is the latest info provided by PPL:

  • PPL has successfully resumed normal billing for 87% of impacted customers.
  • 86,000 HIU accounts had to be canceled due to billing inaccuracies. As of May 18, 74,460 accounts have been re-billed.
  • A group of approximately 55,000 customers had not received a bill for one or more months. PPL has now completed billing for about 48,941 of these accounts.

Rest assured, we are actively collaborating with PPL to ensure all Think Energy customers are properly accounted for.

We are also working with our Energy Advisor support team to ensure your weekly or monthly commission as well as qualifications for our Leadership Trip are not affected by this issue.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding while we work with PP&L to resolve this as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer support team at Care@ThinkEnergy.com.

We appreciate your patience as we work through this together.

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