FAQ: Getting Ready for your Annual Renewal  

With the one-year anniversary of Think+ approaching, EAs will soon be asked to complete Annual Renewals. This should not be a particularly cumbersome process – it’s as easy as having an active credit card attached to your profile -- but we understand that any new territory will come with questions.  

 So, here are some FAQs:  

 How do I update my credit card for my Annual Renewal?    

It’s easy. Follow these steps:  

  • Log in to your Think+ Web Office here.  
  • Follow these steps: Settings > Annual Renewal Fee > EDIT > Select Payment Method > Credit Card  
  • Once there, enter your credit card information and click Submit.  
  • You can confirm that your card has been saved by clicking the drop-down arrow in the “PAYMENT CARD” field.  
  • As always, be sure to SAVE.  

 More of a  visual learner? Watch the process on Scribe. 

 What is my Annual Renewal fee?  

Each EA is required to pay a $99 Annual Renewal fee to remain active.  

 What if I do not want to pay my Annual Renewal Fee?   

This is a non-negotiable requirement. Per your Terms & Policies, failure to pay the renewal fee means you are forfeiting your position within Think+. You’ll lose your customers, teams, and rank.  

 Can I suspend payment for the Annual Renewal Fee?  


 What happens if I fall into grace due to billing failures?  

While in grace, you will be unable to enroll customers or downline Energy Advisors. Nor will you have access to the Think+ Connect Mobile application and all of your earned commissions will be held.   

Learn how to pay your Annual Renewal Fee when in grace on Scribe.

 How long do I remain in grace due to billing failures?  

You will remain in grace for 60 days, after which your position will be canceled.  

 Can my position be re-instated after Cancellation?  

No. If you decide to re-enroll, you will be required to start your business from scratch.  

  • You will be required to sit out for a mandatory six-month waiting period before re-enrolling.  
  • Even if you re-enroll, all held earnings are forfeited at cancellation.  
  • You will also lose all previously enrolled customers, downline Energy Advisors, and earned ranks.    
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