Immediate Action Required: Become Certified in Connecticut 

Starting January 1, 2024, Think Energy is introducing some changes to our offerings in Connecticut to meet new regulatory standards. While the two products and claims may differ, our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility remains at the forefront.

Your Role in Our Community:

Effective immediately, when communicating with customers, instead of saying “100% Clean Electricity” or “100% Clean Energy”, we’re highlighting our ongoing commitment to sustainability by protecting 50 trees from deforestation with each sign-up.

Emphasize the positive aspects of our offerings, focusing on our dedication to preserving nature and the various benefits we continue to provide in the state of Connecticut.

New Plans Introduced:

· Think Simple 12: Introducing Think Simple 12, our budget-friendly plan that provides reliable electricity at a competitive price.

· Think Clean (Coming Soon!): An energy product that supports a renewable energy market.

Immediate Communication Changes:

Given these changes, immediate adjustments to how we communicate the Think Energy opportunity need to be noted and made. These adjustments are crucial to ensure our messaging aligns seamlessly with the updated regulations.

Updated Value Propositions to Connecticut:

1. Protect 50 Trees:

Switch to our tree-preserving electricity and protect 50 trees from deforestation by signing up.

2.  Competitively Priced & Fixed Rate:

Enjoy competitively priced electricity at a fixed rate throughout the contract term.

3. Free Sign-Up & $100 Cash Gift Card:

Join for free and receive a $100 Cash Gift card.

4. Earn Cash Rebates:

Automatic enrollment in the Free Energy Club to earn cash rebates on your monthly electricity bill with as few as 3 customer referrals.

Required Action for Connecticut Customer Enrollment

In order to enroll customers in Connecticut, each Energy Advisor must attend a Think+ Connecticut Certification Training and become certified. These Trainings are generally held on Wednesday evenings, and you can find specific details here.

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