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Leadership Q&A: Our First Regional Partners

Brenden Kenny, Ed Kenny, Jim Kenny, and Tony Procopio are known as “The Founders” for a reason.  

The first group through the proverbial Think+ door, these four individuals not only saw the potential but seized it, driving forward every day and now achieving the rank of Regional Partner. These pioneering Energy Advisors have set the bar for success and continue to inspire others with their stories of ambition, perseverance, and vision. Here, they reflect on their journeys and share insights into what it takes to thrive as a member of the Think+ community. 

What initially drew you to Think+?

JK: We had been in a previous company with Michael Fallquist and knew him very well and what he was capable of doing. Our experience with Viridian was phenomenal, and we were very excited about the prospect of doing it again—only bigger and better! This time around, Michael was older and wiser to the things that did not work in the past. When we heard that the customer was going to be the number one priority and that we were going to merge Community Solar with retail energy supply, something no one else has ever done before, we knew this was going to be BIG.

BK: Michael Fallquist is what originally drew us to Think Energy. We knew that Michael was a true visionary, and his business expertise and leadership in the energy industry is why we were able to flourish as entrepreneurs in our previous business with him. So, when he called and invited us to see his new vision of his new company, we were so honored.

EK: The idea of staying in the energy space and building a brand-new category with community solar was critical for making the decision to go all in with Think Energy. But ultimately, knowing that Michael Fallquist and the team he assembled was leading the charge, it became the largest no-brainer ever.

TP: When Diana and I saw this, there were three elements that needed to be satisfied for us to leave 10 years of success at our previous company and make the jump: strong leadership, firm financial backing, and a unique offering.

How has being an Energy Advisor impacted your life?

JK: There are so many ways this has impacted our lives. Traveling all over to new markets and sharing this business with people is so gratifying. Changing people’s lives for the better is an incredible feeling. The two trips that we have had the privilege of attending have been incredible—we are forging new friendships for life. The benefits of being part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs are great. The new people we are connecting with and reconnecting with old relationships is always fun. Think Energy has been an incredible blessing in our lives already, and we are still a baby company!

BK: Being an Energy Advisor with Think Energy has plotted a course for our careers that we believe will be the most important and impactful decision we have ever made as entrepreneurs. We know that being an Energy Advisor will have generational benefits financially as well as lifestyle as we advance our careers.

EK: It has ignited a fire inside my spirit that really gets me excited to wake up in the morning, and the thought of having to go to sleep is now dreadful.

TP: We have complete control over our calendar, make our own schedules, and have no boss! Even more importantly, it gives us the freedom to spend more time with our family and friends (both inside and outside of the business). Now, our focus is helping our team members to have the same (or better) socio-economic choices that Think+ has provided us. We’ve learned more about true leadership in the last year than we have in the previous decade.

How has your definition of success evolved since you started with Think+?

JK: We always measure our success by the people on our team and their successes, and so far we have seen so many move through the ranks in just our first year of business. Nothing makes us happier than to see others succeed and have their lives changed for the better. Think is going to positively impact the world and so many people in it—we are thrilled to be a part of that.

BK: Our definition of success will always be graded by how many lives we impact. What started out as a vision of what’s possible with what we could accomplish as a team is now playing out with execution. We wake up every day wanting to win the day, and our commitment is just that: to give it our all, and the history books will end up defining our successes.

EK: Success is all about the people who are succeeding in this business. I treasure watching people that are experienced in energy and people who are brand new in this industry having success and becoming passionate about building a solid business with Think Energy. My idea of success is actually helping others become successful. That’s the beauty of this business.

TP: Success is definitely earned. Doing business the right way and being a beacon to others in a crowded sea is very important to us now. With our previous company, we had 10 years of experience, but it was more like one year of experience repeated 10 times. With Think+, we now look at success in terms of helping people compress time. Gain a year of experience in a few months, and continue to evolve and learn, instead of repeating the same experience over and over. We like to look in the mirror and ask ourselves: if our team did what we did today, and that went on for a year, what kind of team would we have?

What are some of the biggest motivators that keep you pushing forward?

JK: Waking up every day feeling very confident that anyone we or our team expose and educate on our products will be financially affected in a positive way. This industry has the ability to literally change the way people live for the rest of their lives—they can have more time to spend with their families—they can leave a legacy to their families. Our CEO is a servant leader, and so are we. We are truly motivated to help change as many lives as we possibly can.

BK: The greatest motivators for me personally are working with leaders who bring so much value to the marketplace, learning from them, and having the same drive to help as many team members win!

EK: Having the ability to actually grow into more states every year has really excited me. My entire career in network marketing has been restricted to just 25% of our country, but with the addition of community solar, I see us as a nationwide company, and that opportunity makes me more excited than ever. It’s like a brand-new industry at a time in history when customers need us more today than ever before.

TP: Without a doubt, seeing our team rise to the occasion, overcome challenges, and succeed like never before! And, on a personal level, being able to help family members on a more meaningful level.

What are some non-monetary rewards that drive you?

JK: Definitely being able to help advisors and customers with any questions. Again, seeing people become better versions of themselves through their successes and watching their lives change so much for the better! Developing friendships that are treasures to us and just being able to enjoy the life that God has blessed us with.

BK: Building new friendships with leaders that I know now will last for life has been the greatest reward so far on this new journey.

EK: The fact that we are able to leave a legacy and get into the history books for aggregating potentially millions of households on community solar farms is real, and I feel very proud to be a part of this movement. The more successful you are in Think Energy, the bigger the impact you have made in this world.

TP: We’ve forged some very strong friendships in this business, and they are priceless! Being able to wake up when we want to, have a leisurely breakfast, and then take a vote: Do we want to spend the day in the home office, or do we want to go to the beach or go hiking? Having options with our daily choices is our biggest motivator. We ask people all the time: If time and money didn’t matter, what would you be doing with your life? Being able to answer that question and then go do it is a huge driver for us.

What personal goals do you set for yourself, and how do they contribute to your overall sense of achievement?

JK: Our goal is to consistently expose Think to as many people as we can—we want to change as many lives as we can through this incredible venue!

BK: My personal goals are both short-term and long-term. Goals like paying for my children’s education are super important to me and my family. But creating a great extra income for retirement is also extremely important to us. We have had a wonderful first year and have built a solid foundation; the next several years will be the greatest of all time as we are now ready for momentum to be created!

EK: My personal goals are to have a team customer count of 1 million customers within five years, and I believe that we are well on our way. Building a legacy company is extremely important to me. Having a solid home and a family with Think Energy to enjoy my older years with is something that really motivates me.

TP: We set daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. Then, we backfill those goals with the necessary activities to achieve them. We have our own vision board, and we continually keep our dream in front of us. Keeping our own dream front-and-center while burying ourselves in the success of others is the magic combo that keeps us going.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone considering becoming an Energy Advisor?

JK: Don’t give up. Don’t give in to the discouragement that is bound to come. Remember why you started this in the first place—to better your life! Follow the 5-3-5 system, keep it simple, stay plugged in, and have fun. Work hard—play hard!

BK: My greatest advice to give a new advisor is to simply make a decision to make Think Energy a piece of who you will become. Anyone can decide to pay money to join any company, but making the real decision to make Think Energy the vehicle that can lead you to your dreams is what I mean by making a decision. Those are the advisors I spend my time and energy with!

EK: My advice for someone new is to treat this business like a business for a solid five-year period. Becoming a student of the business will change the entire course of your life. Be willing to cut through the jungle with us to make a path that is easy for future advisors—it is 100% worth it because the ones who cut through the jungle are the ones who own the toll booths when we have a superhighway.

TP: If you want more, get better. Become the person you’re looking for. Commit to one year of consistent, part-time effort, no matter what life throws at you. Then, follow the system, stay plugged-in, continually improve through personal development, and counsel with people who are where you want to be. Don’t quit.

What are your biggest goals for your business moving forward?

JK: To share this precious gift that we have and to be of service to as many people as possible to help them change their lives.

BK: Moving forward, one of my goals and focuses will be to help as many leaders of this company reach the Partner pool this year. We have so many advisors that are close and so many that are within reach. This will be an exciting year of recognition.

EK: To help as many people get to the rank of Director and to diversify our business into all 50 states with leaders.

TP: Plain and simple: Help 1,000 people earn $100,000 per year, part-time, in Think+.

Now, a year and a half later, what is the biggest surprise you have seen with Think+ that you didn’t see when you started?

JK: The biggest surprise to both of us is the number of changes that have already been made to better the company. The corporate team is dedicated to constantly improving an already amazing company—always adding, always improving! Thank you, corporate!

BK: The greatest surprise that I didn’t see in the beginning was how this leadership group has become so strong and committed to our future. It’s such an incredible feeling waking up every day knowing that you have so many quality leaders working together, creating such a strong culture. That to me is a dream come true. Our future is so bright!

EK: The number of people who are passionate about the energy industry and being part of creating an entirely new category with community solar. It’s happening faster than I could have imagined, and people are more excited every day about the future. It is an exciting business to be a part of, and people actually really need what we have more than ever before.

TP: Michael Fallquist’s ability to instill a culture of continuous improvement and doing the right thing, and then allowing his actions to speak louder than his words to make that culture a reality. We knew he was going to be amazing, but he has taken it to a completely unexpected level! He takes input from all sources, evaluates it, and moves forward more effectively because of it.

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