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Your June 2024 Promotions

We’re constantly thinking of programs and offers designed to drive your business and deliver incredible incentives — but it can be a lot to keep track of. 

We’ve decided to house all of the information you need for each month’s promotions in one place, so you can focus on making the most of these opportunities. Here’s what’s in store for June.

For the entire month of June, the Double Power Surge is awarding twice the Electric Points, CABs for Enroller, CABs for Mentor Bonuses, and RABs.

Whether you’re doubling up your payouts or doubling down your bet on Think+, keep these key details in mind: 

  • Customers must reach Pending status by Friday, 7/5.
  • Final payment will be made Friday, 7/12. 
  • FEC Customers will receive double points, while Band 0 customers will not count for Personal Customer and Team Customer points. 
  • Neither FEC nor Band 0 customers will receive double Sponsor and Mentor payments.. 

We’re not ready to walk away from the New Jersey Bonus Blitz — not with all this capacity at our fingertips. 

By now, you know the drill: We’re awarding an additional $100 cash bonus for each community solar customer enrolled who reaches “Pending” status within the specified promotion area and dates. Here’s the most exciting math you’ll do today: $100 Bonuses + $80 CABs = $180 Per Think Community Solar Enrollment. 

We’re ready to launch enough JCPL capacity to allocate 1,500 Think Community Solar customers in these zip codes, so read the official rules here and get to work in New Jersey. 

Think+ Incentive Trips are about more than having fun in the sun: They’re about networking with the best in the business, connecting with corporate leaders, and being one of the first Energy Advisors to see what’s in store for the future. 

Method 1 and Method 2 are still going strong, and June is your last opportunity to earn your way to Puerto Rico in September. (Where, among other things, we’ll be having plenty of fun in the sun.) 

See the full rules here

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