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New Launch Bonuses: Cash for Community Solar Enrollments

Growing Opportunities: Cash Bonuses for Community Solar Enrollments in New Territories 

We’re on the cusp of launching Community Solar in four markets and are celebrating by paying extra cash bonuses for new customers in these areas. The payments increase with the more customers you enroll and, when you get to 30, you’ll be able to opt out of the payment and instead book a spot for you and a guest on the Fall 2024 Incentive Trip. 

This program will go live the second we open for business in each market, and will remain active for 30 days. Here’s how it works: 

  • Markets: Illinois, Virginia, Maryland, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Minnesota.
  • EAs will earn a possible cash bonus for each community solar customer enrolled, with the option to exchange the cash payment for a spot on the Fall 2024 Incentive Trip.   
  • Qualified enrollments can earn you a minimum of  $25 per customer.  
    • Once an EA enrolls 15 customers, the EA will receive $50 per customer (retroactive to the first customer). 
    • Once an EA enrolls 30 customers, the EA will receive $100 per customer (retroactive to the first customer).   
    • If an EA reaches 30 customers, they’ll have the option to forgo the cash in exchange for a spot on the Fall 2024 Incentive Trip.   
    • If an EA decides to go on the Incentive Trip, they’ll still have the chance to earn $100 for each customer they enroll over 30.
  • Here are a few examples:  
      • If an EA enrolls 10 qualified customers, they earn $250 (10 x $25).  
      • If an EA enrolls 25 qualified customers, they earn $1,250 (25 x $50).   
      • If an EA enrolls 32 qualified customers, they earn either:  
        • $3200 (32 x $100), OR  
        • $200 (2 x $100) + a trip for 2 on the Fall 2024 Incentive Trip  

Some fine print:  

  • The Company reserves the right, at its discretion, to recuperate and offset any bonuses paid through this promotion on any Customer who reaches Canceled status within ninety (90) days of reaching Active status or who reaches Canceled status prior to reaching Active status against any future commission payments owed to the Energy Advisor.
  • The company can exclude any enrollments that are bulk enrollments through a single individual or entity.
  • FEC customer(s) are not qualified for a cash bonus. 
  • These bonuses are in addition to any payments earned through the Compensation Plan.

Which customers qualify? 

  • Located within the specified service areas. 
  • Customers must be Community Solar Tier 1; Solar Tier 0 customers do not qualify. 

What’s the qualification period?  

  • Customers enrolled within 30 days of Think Community Solar’s specified go-live date in each market. 
    • Maryland Promotion Window: January 13 to April 14, 2024
    • Virginia and Illinois Promotion Window: March 13 to April 12, 2024
    • Rhode Island Promotion Window: March 16 to April 15, 2024
    • Massachusetts Promotion Window: February 18 through May 3, 2024
    • Washington, DC Promotion Window: April 10 through May 10, 2024
  • Customers have a week after the promotion period to reach Pending or Active status.  
  • Payment will be issued as a one-time promotional bonus. 
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