Where is Think Basic available? We’ll tell you here.  

At this point, you’ve probably heard about our new, low-priced product called Think Basic. You’ve probably even heard about it a few times.  

If it feels like we’re talking about this a lot, that’s because we are. It’s important that we all understand some key differences between Think Basic and the rest of our electricity plans – one being when and where it’s offered.  

What? Think Basic is an electricity offer aimed directly at price shoppers or prospective customers who are more concerned with overall cost than other added benefits. This is a complementary product -- we want to arm you with the tools needed to approach all customers, and don’t want you to lose those who are solely focused on rates. 

When? When it makes sense. If there’s a market where this aggressively-priced plan will help you build your businesses, we’ll be there: Shorter terms, ultra-competitive prices, but the same straightforward electricity service.  

Where? This is going to be subject to change. Initially offered as a pilot program in Connecticut, we’ve already released Think Basic in other markets and will continue to do so when appropriate. So, how can you keep track of these markets? We’ll update this page whenever we add or remove Think Basic from a market.  

Here’s where your customers can enroll in Think Basic now:  

  • Connecticut
    • All Think Energy markets 
  •  Illinois
    • ComEd
  • Maine
    • Versant Power
    • Central Maine Power
  •  Maryland
    • Baltimore Gas & Electric
    • Delmarva Power (MD)
    • Pepco
    • Potomac Edison
  • Massachusetts
    • All Think Energy markets  
  • New Hampshire 
    • All Think Energy markets  
  • New Jersey
    • ACE
    • JCPL
    • PSEG
  • Ohio
    • AES Ohio
    • Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co
    • Columbus Southern
    • Duke Energy
    • Ohio Edison
    • Ohio Power
    • Toledo Edison
  • Pennsylvania
    • Duquesne
    • First Energy - Met-Ed
    • First Energy - Penelec
    • PECO
    • PPL Electric Utilities
    • PennPower
    • West Penn Power
  • Rhode Island
    • Rhode Island Energy
  • Texas
    • LP&L
  • Washington, DC
    • PEPCO - DC
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